About Us

We are a Christian community made up of a variety of believers of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. We resemble a patchwork quilt of many fabrics sewn together by God's love and grace. Since 1947, we have endeavored to bring Christ's life saving message to El Cajon through prayer, genuine relationships and sacrificial service.


We are a Biblical People

Our core beliefs and practices are rooted in the Holy Scriptures.


We are a Loving People

Our name, Nazarene, is tied to Christ's childhood roots in Nazareth, a town linked to outsiders and people on the fringe. Just as Jesus sought out the hurting, so our doors are open to ALL who seek God's love, healing and hope.


We are a Praying People

Private and corporate prayer guides who we are and all we do. Weekly prayer gatherings lift up praises and requests on behalf of our homes, church, community and world.


We are a Spirit-Dependent People

We emphasize the utmost importance of being saved by faith in Jesus Christ AND being filled with the Holy Spirit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to love unconditionally and follow Christ wholeheartedly.


We are a Holiness People

We are affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene a century old evangelical denomination that grew out of a profound revival in the United States. Nazarenes stress the daily need for heart purity, global missions, compassionate ministries and men and women using their gifts to their fullest potential for God.


We are a Growing People

We are growing spiritually as all are encouraged to participate in Bible study and discipleship groups. We are growing numerically as we share the wonderful changes God is making in our lives with others.


To learn more about our vision, mission and the Nazarene denomination, click here.